book nerd swag review: christy miller series volume I by robin jones gunn


Volume 1 in The Christy Miller Collection holds three books about Christy Miller, a teen girl whose family lives on a Wisconsin farm then moves to Escondido, California, an hour and a half away from her wealthy aunt and uncle. Once or twice a year, she spends time with her aunt and uncle in Newport Beach, Calif. There she meets Todd Spencer, an easygoing surfer and a Christian, who becomes a romantic interest.

what we thought:

m- i found this series online one day and decided i was going to try it out. i didn’t realize that it would soon become one of my favorite series to ever read.

l- masie recommended this series to me and i’m so glad she did! book one and i was addicted. christy is such a relatable character, and her sometimes-crazy life is so much fun to read about. the author did a great job of showing how the events in christy’s life impacted her as a christian.

m- i agree. i loved how she tried to figure thing out on her own but she also wasn’t afraid to ask for help. i loved how i could relate to christy and how robin jones gunn made the book relatable to any reader. then, in comes TODD SPENCER. 😉

l- two words: pooh bear. 🙂 but seriously, he definitely made my list of all time favorite fictional guys. yes. a list. okay, no spoilers, but THE END OF BOOK THREE. OH MY GOODNESS.

m- todd is one of those characters that literally everyone who reads the books will fall in love with. i love how he always points christy back to christ. he also comes up with some really great analogies. time to go to hawaii.

l- yes! he has such a great handle on his faith and it’s so sweet to see him trying to impact christy in a positive way. (and succeeding.) you will never look at the word “forever” the same way again. 🙂

m- he was always looking out for others and what was best for them before he thought of himself. same with christy. they are great role models even though they are fictional. 😦

l- todd isn’t real = sad book nerds.

rating! out of five stars: *****

our favorite character:

m- todd.

l- todd.

enough said.

would we recommend it? NO! (it’s opposite day.)


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